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«Being too intelligent can be a problem?»

If you suspect your child or yourself is Gifted, our first advice is sure to request a review by our Cabinet psychologist who specializes in gifted, and experienced in children, adolescents and adults gifted.

If you have a child gifted or gifted we offer our counseling services with specialist psychologists in gifted members of the College of Psychologists of Madrid.

The special problems of gifted children is often in school age have integration problems, isolation and in worst cases even harassment and / or school failure.

In adolescence we tend to shut ourselves much more than the average in ourselves, and consequently we can reach adulthood with a lack of basic skills for making friends, to succeed at work, or something as important as the ability to search partner.

Are also common among adults gifted relationship problems and lack of well-being with ourselves and with others, communication problems, lack of assertiveness, self-esteem, lack of social skills, and social integration problems in general.


El Mundo del Superdotado is an organization whose purpose is to guide and support gifted children and adults, aid for their social integration in all areas, and the dissemination of the specific problems of the gifted, both in the field education and in the workplace, and contributing to their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

On these pages you’ll find resources for Gifted Children and the gifted in general, online courses and Test, Free Games, Forums, Humor Intelligent, forums, and lots of information born of experience in our organization, we have acquired over the past 10 years working over 1000 gifted.

We also have special classes for gifted children, gifted students and our course, to learn more about the characteristics of the Gifted, our online course Gifted Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence our course.

«The gifted are the most beautiful fruit of the tree of humanity, yet ones that are biggest danger as hanging from its branches more fragile and often break» Carl Gustav Jung.
Cabinet Appointment Gifted Psychological Guidance

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